“All great things begin with a vision… a dream.”

~ Estee Lauder

More than just a cabinet company...

Every Pioneer kitchen begins when someone has an idea
and dreams about what their home could be.

Each and every cabinet we make...

Is one of a kind

Each cabinet is one of a kind and is only built when we know the specific space and situation for that cabinet. Every cabinet is unique and there is no other cabinet like it.  There are no cabinets ready to buy off the shelf at our location.  

Fits like a glove

Each cabinet fits your room like a glove. It wraps around each individual corner, crack, and crevice. Our cabinet sizing fits to 1/8″ so even the slightest variations in the structure can be accommodated.

Hides your imperfections

Homes, whether they are new or old, can hold a variety of imperfections and configuration issues including pipes and wiring. Our cabinetry can hide these issues so that all you see is a beautiful, flawless room.

Takes a bit of time

The saying goes that “good things come to those who wait”. This is true of our cabinets which do take time to design and build.  A typical project from initial design to final install and inspection may take approximately 3 months.

Is given personal attention

We realize creating something special requires personal attention to detail. That’s why when you work with our Interior Design Specialists they get to know you and your specific situation. During Our Process you will never be handed off to a junior service person. One Interior Design Specialist will be your guide and contact throughout your entire project.

Is a perfect match

Finding the perfect shade of Oceanside blue or Caliente red and then selecting matching finishes and textures on structural details are all complex elements in your space that have taken your time and effort to select.  With the skill of our craftspeople our cabinets can be perfectly matched to almost any texture and color you already have selected because we mix and refine our colors ourselves and add textures and stains to our surfaces.

Is full of possibilities

It really is true. Whatever you can think of or dream up, we can probably create. Anything is possible from designing the perfect presentation space for that exceptional English china set or cutlery collection to creating a comfortable home for that unique small appliance. When you invest in custom cabinetry anything is truly possible.

Let us help you make your dream a reality…

“Everything you can imagine is real”

~Pablo Picasso