“Life always bursts the boundaries of formulas.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, or bursting outside these boundaries, our Interior Design Specialists will help you see your vision to reality.

Traditional Style
Timeless, Warm, and Sophisticated

Traditional style is about standing firm on the old tenets of putting the time, effort, and quality materials into each project, to make sure that it looks great, fits perfectly, and keeps looking great for years to come. Traditional style is comforting and classic. The overall room has a warm, homey feeling that is understated.

The cabinetry design may include features that showcase glassware and china, the doors include beveling and decorative details that add interest and the finish may include layers of glazes that add warmth.

A Few Stunning Examples from our Traditional Collection

Stepping Out in Style

At first glance the details that make this traditional kitchen exceptional may be missed. Take a second look and you’ll notice that the depth of the upper cabinets varies throughout the space. Some are placed forward while others are placed further back. This creates a continual stepped facade which is anything from ordinary. Changing the cabinet depth accentuates specific details such as the open display areas where barn board complements the centre island.

~ Haverkamp Kitchen

A Place for Personality

The stove top vent hood is one area to add a touch of personality. This particular hood is designed in a mantle style that compliments the traditional design. It includes a display shelf and decorative cornice and molding. Every cabinet hood we design is one of a kind.

~ Parson Kitchen

Variety Adds Interest

Just the right amount of variety transforms this traditional kitchen into a showstopper. The countertops include 3 different colours; wood butcher’s block, black quartz, and a granite pattern quartz. The cabinet finishes also incorporate 3 finishes; black distressed, maple wood stained and white glaze. These variations in textures and finishes all weave together into a warm traditional style kitchen that includes a heartwarming stone hearth.

~ Thompson Kitchen

Contemporary Style
Innovative, Crisp, and Stylish

Contemporary style has a clean overall appearance and aesthetic. The design is crisp with a limited amount of embellishments or decorative detail. Every element is paired down to its essence presenting a sense of calm.  Lines and structural balance is highlighted in the design and can include very innovative features that are focused on being functional. The overall room has a bold, confident feeling. The cabinetry details include flat clean panels with smooth finishes.

A Few Stunning Examples from our Contemporary Kitchens

Perfect Framing

In this kitchen, rich dark melamine wood grain frames the crisp white of the flat panel fronts to add just the right accent, drawing attention to the appliance area and island space. Every door panel is matched with a custom sized handle complimenting this sleek look by a placement that emphasizes the strong horizontal lines.

~ Klosler Kitchen

Cool Waterfall Feature

A cool white quartz countertop with a 7cm height is presented in this kitchen as a waterfall surface that runs along the full length of the counter and cascades over and down both sides of the peninsula eating area. It plays with the illusion of a surface that is both solid and floating. The white flowing quartz stands in contrast to the dark wood base that provides a strong foundation behind the chairs.

~ Farkas Kitchen

Bold Combinations

This kitchen uses a daring combination of wood finishes. Rich black walnut is presented in both a stained dark finish on either end of the cabinet section and a natural tone wood is used in the island base and interior cabinet spaces.  Although these type of wood finishes are often at home in a traditional design here they fit perfectly into a sleek contemporary design.

~ Vermeersche Kitchen

Transitional Style
Balance and Harmony

Transitional style at first may seem like it is a style that is “sitting on the fence”. This is far from the reality of this style. This is quite a daring act to get right. It plays with the classic warm feeling mixed with clean simple lines.  The cabinetry details may include similar features as both the Traditional and Contemporary, but it will always balance the two, never having one design style overpower the entire space. It requires moderation and control yet all the while feeling warm and free.

A Few Stunning Examples from our Transitional Kitchens

A Reversal of Roles

Traditionally the white cabinet color would be used as an accent to the main color. Here the style plays with this tradition by reversing the roles. The effect is a stunning example of a transitional design. Notice as well how the peninsula backing behind the chairs beautifully compliments the reclaimed barn board ceiling.

~ Steen Kitchen

Looking Good from Every Angle

To look perfect from every angle it’s all about attention to detail. In this kitchen extra care was given to structural decoration of the upper cabinets which have finished decks mounted on top of the crown so that they look as good from the upper level balcony as they do from the floor. 

~ Vanlouwe Kitchen

Perfect Harmony

White is far from being a cool contemporary colour in this transitional kitchen. Mixing variations of white shades and tones with warm wood accents warms up the space and makes the black features pop with interest. The result is a home filled with warmth and interest but feels very modern.

~ Newson Kitchen

The Modern Pantry
Keeping Things in Order

Once considered a “butler’s” room used for storing silver and serving pieces under lock and key, pantries evolved to be spaces for food preparation and storage. Today these spaces have taken on even more diverse roles and are used to tuck away a host of good things from food storage to small appliances.  They are functional spaces where organization is key, and every corner is put into use.  A pantry space is one of the most requested features of new homes. Typically, pantries today come in three sizes: a small room, a full cabinet unit, a single cabinet door.

The Walk-In Pantry

A pantry room is a luxury that once you have you’ll never give up. Here a small work station is added to the room and is used for small appliances like coffee makers or a simmering slow cooker when preparing food for entertaining. This pantry also includes a custom pull-out cabinet specifically designed for large water dispenser storage making it a perfect hiding spot but easy to use.  The pantry door when open offers an enticing peak for your guests.

~ Thompson Pantry Room

The Butler's Pantry

 Although the pantry vanished from the “modern” homes of the mid-20th century, today they reappear as one of the most requested features of new homes. Grand Victorian Butler’s Pantries accommodated both service of wine and china as well as serving pieces. The Butler’s Pantry is the support room of the kitchen.

~ Newson Butler’s Pantry

The Pantry Cabinet

When space is a limited a pantry can be conveniently tucked away behind kitchen cabinetry. There are a variety of drawer and door features including divided roll-outs that keep bakeware easy to access and see. Pantry storage features can be integrated into this type of pantry to create storage specific areas that are just behind closed cabinet doors and drawers.

~ Doerkson Pantry Cabinet

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